Aisling Green was Deirdre Green's mother. She passed away when Deirdre was young, after having cursed Sullivan Green to protect her daughter.

Personality Edit

Aisling was dedicated to the pursuit of magiq and sought the truth by following the paths to magiq. However, after starting a family with Sullivan Green she found her place in life, giving up her desire to unlock more secrets in order to dedicate herself to raising her child. While Sullivan could not resist the pull of magiq, Aisling stayed at home and dedicated herself to raising her daughter, which she did until she passed away due to the effects of using dark magiq.

Biography Edit

At the same time that Sullivan Green was following the Path of Wool, Aisling was following the Path of Silver, searching for the truth behind magiq. At the crossroads of both of their paths, the pair met and continued the journey together. They feel deeply in love[1].

The pair spent years traveling the world in search of the truth, however all that they found was ruin. The people who had been waiting at the end of the paths of wool and silver were long gone. During their travels, Aisling and Sullivan had married in a half-buried temple in India, but they eventually returned to New York City for an official marriage. Deirdre was born on June 28, 1992.

While Aisling was content to forget about the truth that they sought, Sullivan had become depressed deep down, restless at the thought of giving up on the truth. He left Aisling and Deirdre shortly after Deirdre's birth to continue his search. Sullivan rarely returned home, leaving Aisling as virtually a single parent. While Sullivan did financially take care of his family, he was otherwise a ghost[2].

When Deirdre was around five years old, Sullivan returned home for one last time. He tried to convince Aisling and Deirdre to come with him, that he had found the "little red house" that Aisling had dreamed of. However Aisling refusing, saying that Sullivan would never be content. Sullivan tried to take Deirdre away, but Aisling fought back and, using an object Sullivan had collected on his journey, cast a dark magic spell on him to keep Deirdre safe. Sullivan was wounded, losing a part of him, and so was Aisling. Her health began to fail, and she died roughly a year after casting the spell.

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