Durkonos is a constellation in the Magiq-verse.

Description Edit

Durkonos is a round topped constellation with an M-shape forming its bottom, making it look almost like two mountains. The image found on the Book of Briars site was white with a blurred, light blue

Durkonos is also an object in The Myth of Elainnor by Fletcher Dawson. According to the librarians of the The Lost Athenaeum, Durkonos is the helmet that Elainnor wears.

Usage Edit

Durkonos was the name of Fragment Eleven. It was found within Martin Rank's memories after he admitted to holding the key to some of Portencia's fragmented consciousness. After posting the phrase, “don’t fear them in the present,” the Book of Briars account edited it to include the link to the fragment[1]. The image contained on the fragment page was necessary to solve the third Magimystical Assessment and unlock the Cosmos Key.

During The Day of Change, Deirdre wore glass armor[2] reminiscent of the objects worn by Elainnor, including Durkonos[3]. She used it to defeat The Churning Storm once and for all by striking it with Gladitor[4].

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