Endri is a Mountaineer and moderator at the Basecamp 33 Forum. She describes herself as "the defacto 'record keeper' of Basecamp 33" [1].

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Endri is incredibly smart, wryly funny, and a little shy, but the forum has allowed her to come out of her shell and feel more confident. Her love of literature and history is only matched by her love of emoji, comics, and dyeing her hair a new color every couple of months. She does freelance research and book editing to support herself while devoting all of her free time to the forum, the Mountaineers, and the search for The Lost Collection.

Biography Edit

A Thornmouth, Endri grew up in a very strict, religiously conservative household in the south. But she remembers having a copy of the MAGIQ Guide and hiding it in the crawlspace under her childhood home. It made an indelible mark on her and she's been pursuing The Lost Collection ever since.

She left her family and the south as soon as she could and now, in her 20s, only maintains a relationship with her paternal grandparents who are crazy but open-minded and accepting of all walks of life. Following the opening of the Basecamp 33 forums, she was the primary point of contact for recruits. Endri often lurked the forum, ready to help out new members or give out advice during difficult puzzles. Whenever major events on the forums occurred, Endri would help set up times and keep the discussion on track.

Phase Four Edit

Before the Mountaineers summoned the Book of Briars to awaken it from its sleep in Fragment Sixteen, Endri let recruits know that she had been contacted by Ascender a few days prior. He told her that, while the recruits were battling the Storm on the Day of Change, Ascender and Knatz had used the chaos as an opportunity to lead a mutiny against the more conservative forces of the old houses. They won, but the result was that Monarch's Mountain was in shambles. Ascender asked Endri to join them. There were countless books, scrolls, and coded histories they need help sorting through and they wanted her to lead the effort. Endri said yes, feeling that the recruits didn't need her anymore. Endri said she would always be just an @ away on the forums, but that she wanted to go somewhere where she felt she was needed[2].

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