Fragment Two: Eye of the Moons

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After a brief rest from the thrill of figuring out the first fragment, a user named KingRabbit checked into the Basecamp 33 Forum. One of their first posts included a picture of a woman, taken seemingly without her knowledge, looking at art in a gallery. He mentioned wanting to create a new 'collection'. The Mountaineers asked KingRabbit about it and it turned out the woman in the image was Deirdre Green.

Investigating KingRabbit turned up an Instagram account and his website. On the site were four locations to enter 'magic words.' Thus, a long game of cat and mouse, or perhaps rabbit and mountaineer, began. King Rabbit would posted another picture of himself stalking Deirdre, along with a clue and the name of an area within New York city. These clues led to pieces of art within the city, and that art led the recruits to the names of the art's creators or those who inspired the art. These names turned out to be the Magic Words needed for King Rabbit's site.

Using the magic words uncovered 'gifts' from King Rabbit. If you can call a six hour video to scan looking for the 3 key seconds a word would appear a gift, anyway. Each video contained one word, and these words, when combined, formed the name of the plant 'Eye of the Moons' which was the second fragment!

The story of King Rabbit did not end with the discovery of the fragment however. More gifts arrived, most prominently a page entitled 'Those Who did not Die' . This page tells the tales of five people who were thought to have died in our world, but through feats of magic actually managed to survive and live on. One of these people, Brandon Lachmann, would play a key role in the fragments to come.

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Fragment Two Recap Eye of The Moons

Fragment Two Recap Eye of The Moons

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