Go-Getters is a residential mental health community in Maryland where Augernon currently lives.

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Go-Getters is a psychiatric rehabilitation program which helps individuals with severe mental illness reintegrate into their communities. If offers assistance for individuals of all ages. Go-Getters is located in Salisbury, Maryland.

According to Martin Rank, Go-Getters has strict visitation rules. Only individuals who know the name of the person staying there can meet with residents[1] and only family members are able to inquire about the status of a resident[2]. Electronic devices like phones and recorders are not allowed[3].

History Edit

During his visit with Augernon in his post "You are the Mountaineers", Ascender went to a mental health facility in Maryland to speak with him. After something had twisted the minds of Augernon and the other '94 Mountaineers, Augie had been forced to stay in a residential care center. This was later revealed to be Go-Getters.

During Fragment Eleven, Aether revealed a variety of information to recruits from the Kemetic Solutions servers. In his page "Free", Aether stated that he "find Sanvig first." After recruits followed a link to BSanvig[4], they received an image which, when reverse-image searched, revealed the Go-Getters website[5]. Although recruits were initially skeptical that the site held any relevance, Martin Rank revealed that he "had crossed paths with Go-Getters" and that recruits had as well - the facility Ascender had visited was Go-Getters[6].

Using a spell retrieved from The Lost Athenaeum by Aether, Marty traveled to Go-Getters to get information from Augie[7]. After the spell's completion, Augie had a seizure and collapsed, and Marty quickly ran from the facility[8].

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