Itsuki was a Mountaineer and moderator at the Basecamp 33 Forum. Itsuki ran The Campfire Project, as well as the Basecamp 33 Facebook page and Twitter.

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A Balimoran, Itsuki was quiet, measured, and the oldest of the "core Mountaineers" at 42. He supported his wife and daughter as a risk analyst. He'd mentioned his daughter Kura on the forum.

Itsuki is the perfect example of a Balimoran. A sharp mind for mathematics and a passion for music, a lover of structure who in turn also embraces the chaos of creation.

Biography Edit

Itsuki had a newfound passion after what Mountaineers learned from Brandon Lachmann, that magic is created in the space between things - the hidden connections. He started Campfire on the forum to explore this with others through the creation of new 'magic' (writing, drawing, music, etc.) He was a keen amateur digital musician and likes to create what he calls "soundscapes."

His parents are retired now, but they met when his mother moved to the UK from Japan with her family. Itsuki lived in the countryside now and commutes into London. He had a degree in mathematics and became involved in the Mountaineers almost by accident. He was playing an online rpg in the mid 00's and fell in with a group of gamers. They started to tell him about their beliefs and he realized they were things he'd believed his entire life. He had a distinct childhood memory of two trees wrapped around one another, one living, the other dead. The crest of Balimora.

Itsuki remained relatively quiet on the forums, until Ascender announced his departure after the Flora Keyhole was unlocked. Shortly after, Itsuki announced the creation of The Campfire Project - a concentrated attempt by forum users to unlock their magic potential through creative means [1]. Since doing so, he became more visible, encouraging recruits to express themselves through art.

Kemetic Solutions Conditioning Edit

On May 31, 2017, in a stream connected to the 12th fragment, it was revealed by Theodore Fallon that a member of the Mountaineers had been mind controlled and used by Kemetic Solutions as a spy. Theodore revealed a few key facts about the mole. This included the fact that the mole died a month before from a brain tumor the size of an apple. A few moments later, after the stream had completed, Endri revealed who Theodore was taking about in a reply to the Fragment twelve thread, stating -

"It was Itsuki.

He'd mentioned having a rough time back in April and when I reached out to him he said he'd been ill, but didn't elaborate.

When Fallon said what he said I suspected, but wanted to be sure. I just heard back from Itsuki's wife. He had an inoperable brain tumor. He told her he'd been working on a book about magic with some people on the internet, something he could leave behind for their daughter. So she would know about the world and the life he lived.

He died almost a month ago.[2]"

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