Kemetic Solutions is the name of the company that runs The Cagliostro's email server. They played a major role in Phase Three.

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Kemetic Solutions is a self-described technology company who invests in defense and medical technology. The company appears to be invested in advancing the human race, according to their internal promo.

According to Aether, there is a much darker side to Kemetic Solutions than the image they externally present. Kemetic Solutions has kidnapped magically adept individuals and performed tests on them, aiming for them to open a door into the magical world[1]. Their goal is world domination, including complete mind control over all humans.

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Recruits first encountered Kemetic Solutions indirectly in Fragment Five, immediately noting the company logo in The Cagliostro's inbox [2]. The name Kemet was tied to Ancient Egyptian lore, but no information could be found on the company.

The name Kemetic Solutions appeared once again in Fragment Ten, after Martin Rank investigated the headquarters of the company in his search for more information on Lauren Ellsworth and The Cagliostro [3]. Although Martin was unable to enter the building, he was able to take photos of its exterior. After posting the photos to the forum, they appeared glitched. Hidden images were found in the glitched parts of the photos, including the words k.s. From this, a Mountaineer found the website Kemetic.Solutions [4]. The website was limited to a landing page - the Kemetic Solutions logo with butterflies flying out of it.

Initially confused, the recruits found that more information was hidden in Martin's photos - the first being a .gif file. Hidden within the .gif was a password protected Word document called patience.rtf. Once the document was unlocked with the password 'aether', a the note was found that said "63 minutes" [5]. After waiting on the Kemetic Solutions page for 63 minutes, the page redirected to another, one with a video labeled Internal KSPromo.

After viewing the video, recruits noticed a new user editing posts - xxxxaetherxxxx. The user edited times and dates into various posts. Through this, recruits were able to pinpoint a date and time based on trends within the edits, coming to the conclusion that something would occur on April 3, at 5:30[6]. At that time, the promo video changed - including clips of an unknown man speaking to someone named Aether.

The following is a transcription of the changes:

"Meet us. Please. Just forty minutes. We'd like to talk to you face to face. We have some questions and, uh, I think we can do some incredible things."

'I'm going to show this card to the camera on my phone. And I want you to tell me what the camera sees. I want you to see through my phone. Does that make sense to you, Aether. I want you to try very hard and I want you to show me what you are truly capable of."

"I want you to reach out with your mind and into my phone. I want the camera to become your eyes. I want the processor to become your mind."

"I believe you could find a family with us. A family, Aether. Perhaps for the first time in your life. No, we have no interest in changing your mind, but with your mind, we will change everything."

Aether's Livestream

Aether's Livestream

Through hidden images in the new video clips, recruits were able to track down the Tumblr page of Aether's friend, Constance. Through her, Recruits were able to perform the Joradian Safeguard Spell to protect their site and have a frank conversation with her. They learned that Aether had disappeared after being approached by a man who said he knew what he could do and wanted to help him[7]. Constance helped Recruits track down Aether's tumblr account, finding a livestream set for five days in the future[8].

In his livestream, Aether described his harrowing time with Kemetic Solutions. They were keeping him in an underground bunker along with a Mountaineer and a girl, drugging them and using them in sleep studies. Using the path Brandon Lachmann took to escape the world, Kemetic Solution planned to open the door into the magiqal world. However, Brandon being a special case, the three were unable to replicate his journey[9]. A week later, Aether was brought in again to test his powers by the same man who had kidnapped him, revealed to be Theodore Fallon, or Teddy. Aether was able to escape, using the magiq-enhancing drugs that Kemetic Solutions was feeding him during the tests and his technology-based powers to hack into the organization's files. He released a series of journal entries from Fallon's files on new pages on the Kemetic Solutions website, which revealed that Fallon and his team were kidnapping adepts and placing them in a chair that Fallon hoped could open doors. The Lachmann project was one of many, including Wanderer and Sweeper.

During the entirety of Fragment Eleven and Fragment Twelve, the Kemetic Solutions website served as a point of contact for the Mountaineers and Aether. Various pages were added by Aether, which included information like Teddy's logs and updates on Aether's state of mind. The pages also revealed more about the fellow captives, Portencia and Climber. Portencia was a young girl who had the ability to enter into people's minds, and Climber had the ancestral memories of past members of the the Path of Wool.

In Fragment Eleven, Whistler, an alleged whistleblower employee at Kemetic Solutions, began contacting Martin Rank and exposed many of the goings on at the company. Whistler's emails revealed that Kemetic Solutions was fronting itself as a ultra high-security research and development lab, which vetted its employees to ensure that they would accept the conditioning process. According to Whistler, Kemetic Solutions was altering the minds of its employees to make them forget about the work they did once they left the compound, and also to alter their memories of their pasts. Whistler also alluded to the possibility that Kemetic Solutions gave them false memories to suit the jobs they wanted them to have - with Whistler being a security engineer, but not remembering actually going to school. Whistler's emails also revealed that employees were being mentally blinded to some areas of the building, including a series of elevators and also a group of random people wandering about the server room.

As Whistler began to retain their memories, they revealed that they were working all-nighters in response to Aether's escape. As part of the security team, Whistler reported to Fallon, who expressed concerns about people getting into the system. During the process of securing the systems, Whistler encountered another team who were in pursuit of Aether. This was later confirmed by Aether, who emailed Mountaineers saying that Kemetic Solutions was hunting him, trying to kill him. Later, Whistler told Martin that she had been switched to a new project by Fallon, who wanted to make sure there were no security vulnerabilities during the trials. Whistler witnessed Fallon placing Portencia in an old stone throne over an archway, while asking her questions for hours. Fallon would write things in a journal while watching the trial, and the journal would write back telling him what to ask.

During the infitration of Kemetic Solutions in Fragment Twelve, the Mountaineers were successfully able to use the conditioning of Kemetic Solutions employees against them, making Marty invisible as he attempted to retrieve Aether's body and rescue Portencia and Climber. During a brief reboot of the systems, Whistler shut down the redundant system so that Aether and Marty could enter. Aether entered a cellphone and went off with Whistler to find Kendrick, an employee who they believed held a fragment of Portencia's memory, while Marty went to go grab Portencia and Climber. However, it was revealed that Teddy was aware of the Mountaineers plan because they had infiltrated the group using a plant. They had sent conditioning images into Aether's livestreams and Itsuki had been brainwashed to send them information on the recruits' activities. In order to lure Marty and Aether to the building, Teddy had allowed Whistler, revealed to be Sacha, to believe she was free. In reality, she was shutting down their plan and placing Aether in a firewalled cell. However, Marty revealed that Aether had never left with Sacha, and was safely stored in his bluetooth headpiece. The confrontation was cut short, however, when The Churning Storm attacked Kemetic Solutions' office.

As a result of the Storm's assault, Kemetic Solutions was destroyed. In Fragment Fifteen, Marty followed up to reveal what had happen to the building. The office had been gutted, and the business park was telling people that the building had been empty after Kemetic Solutions had moved offshore. During that time, it had flooded[10]. Marty mentioned that Teddy was "definitely wiped by KS," suggesting that some remnants of the organization might still remain[11].

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The following is a transcript for Kemetic Solution's internal promotional video:

"We are tiny creatures living in an obscure corner of a vast universe. Small, alone, alongside billions of other planets just like ours. And yet, we are different. This is a special place with special inhabitants. Ours is a planet full of life. Life, and freedom. Freedom to grow. To evolve. Freedom to enjoy simple pleasures. And freedom to connect safely. But to ensure that freedom, we must defend our world with advanced technology and industrial solutions. There will always be threats to freedom but we are ready. For years we at Kemetic Solutions have developed technology to keep this world safe and free, but we didn't stop there. Our technological advances now power discoveries in physical well-being. We are helping advance the research of rare diseases and the discovery of new cures every day to help people live better lives now, but also to help us understand where we come from and where we are going. Our systems protect life and extend it into the future. From research and technology to industry and commerce, Kemetic Solutions allows life to evolve, helping communities to function, knowledge to flourish, and digital technologies to progress. Our global communications help governments media and organizations of all kinds stay connected so we can enjoy our lives in the sun as our unique and special world keeps turning. Kemetic Solutions. Freedom. Safety. Evolution.[12]"

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