Kendrick was an employee of Kemetic Solutions who was rendered comatose after breaking Portencia.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Kendrick's personality, as he was comatose for the entirety of The Monarch Papers. He was likely a very ruthless man, as he was the one who "broke" Portencia.

Biography Edit

Kendrick was first mentioned in Fragment Eleven in Theodore Fallon's logs. Kendrick was the one who administered the coercion session that "broke" Portencia's mind. Kendrick was found unconscious and, when he came to, could only mutter Portencia's home address over and over again. He was put into a medically induced coma in the hopes that one day his condition would be improved[1].

Later, in Fragment Twelve, when Mountaineers were searching for the fragments of Portencia's memories, it was believed that Kendrick held the final piece. During the infiltration of Kemetic Solutions by Aether and Martin Rank, Aether searched his room and found that he was not in a medically induced coma. Something magiq was keeping him under. Not knowing how to save him, Martin instructed Aether to move on, and that he would get Kendrick out if he could. When Teddy confronted Martin, it was revealed that Kendrick never held a memory fragment in his mind, but Teddy himself held the fragment. When the Storm later attacked Kemetic Solutions, Kendrick was swept away with the others, his fate unknown.

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