The Kindly Brew for Finding Hidden Things, Second Draft was a recipe and spell compiled from the first four fragments.

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The Kindly Brew for Finding Hidden Things, Second Draft was a multistep spell used to solve the first of the Book of Briars' Magimystical Assessment. The Mountaineers uncovered pieces of scrap paper throughout the first four fragments: FrayLily, Eye of the Moons, Obenhenge, and Siren's Lace. When carefully arranged, we were given the necessary steps to solve Phase One's Magimystical Assessment.


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The Kindly Brew was used to complete the second part of the Magimystical Assessment which can be found here.

Kindly Brew for Finding Hidden Things: Second Draft

Pluck the leaves from a  fraylily just before dawn. Careful you don’t disturb the bulb.

Burn a young obenhedge while still rooted. Cut away a handful of its stems.

**Written along left margin Twist three Eye of the Moons from their vines. Do not look into them once plucked.

Take one Siren’s Lace and rub it between your hands. (let the seeds drop onto your clean bare feet.)

Gather the seeds and crush them with a ruby pestle. Combine them with the leaves and stems you’ve plucked.


Toss out and brew again

Pour the herbed coffee into your preferred cup.  (preferable with a mismatched saucer)

By the light of the winking moon, with cup and saucer in both hands,  explore a deep wood for thirty-three minutes.  thirty-six minutes is best

Leave the herbed coffee on your doorstep.

Upon morning, retrieve the brew and  drink only the spilled brew left on saucer along with any accumulated dew.

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