Mr. Wideawake is the nickname for the modern day Collector.

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Mr. Wideawake is a human member of Monarch's Mountain. Because all Collectors are meant to stay anonymous until after their death, Mr. Wideawake adopts the form of a human-sized Sooty Tern bird in a three piece suit to maintain his secret identity[1]. According to Mr. Wideawake, his bird form was a cobbled bit of shapeshifting he’d learned from a gracious mer gost.

Biography Edit

Mr. Wideawake first appeared in "Mr. Wideawake." Mr. Wideawake left a note for Deirdre Green, telling her to meet them in the warren. Deirdre entered the warren to find a man looking out the window, who she realized was a man-shaped bird. He was taller than her, in a full suit, his arms were wings, his feet were bare. Bird’s feet. He was a mix of gray, black and white feathers. Mostly black wings with white on his neck and legs. A tuft of black on the top of his head and a little white patch above his beak. He was holding a Walking Stick, like Sullivan Green's, but made of paler wood. Gold light leaked out from the cracks in it.

Mr. Wideawake told Deirdre that he was there to help her, first explaining the feeling of sickness she had, stating that Neithernor had a different sense of time than the mundane world and staying for too long could lead to illness when returning to the mundane. Deirdre asked who he was, and Mr. Wideawake explained that he was the Collector for the Monarchs. He and his associates had been doing what they could from the shadows to give the Mountaineers a chance at opening The Book of Briars. Mr. Wideawake told Deirdre that wanted The Little Red House, to protect it, to study it, to understand its place in the changing of The Book of The Wild. They were willing to sacrifice the Book of Briars to protect it and, knowing that the Mountaineers were planning to sacrifice it, they were planning to act. When Deirdre asked how he could just let people die, he said that the Collector was just another part of Monarch’s Mountain. He might disagree with their plans and purposes, but at the end of the day, the houses decided what actions to take. He said what was most important to keep in mind was that not all the Monarchs agree with the Houses’ decisions. He himself believed that her father rightfully found the book and it had passed to her. Mr. Wideawake warned her that "even those with the best intentions can do wrong," subtly telling her that the Monarchs were able to bypass her Joradian Non-Material Safeguard spell and could read her blog post on how she was able to acquire the Little Red House.

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