Neithercouriers are magimystical postal carriers, capable of quick magiqal delivery of mail.

Description Edit

Neithercouriers are an alternative form of message carriers, utilizing magimystical means to make their deliveries. Neithercouriers appear to be magimystical in nature, their numbers including bipedal, human-sized animals and fairies. Payment for a Neithercourier varies, each individual carrier taking what they deem is valuable.

Encountered Neithercouriers Edit

  • A salamander in a suit[1]
  • A purple stag[2]
  • A swarm of tiny, glowing fairies[3]

Usage Edit

Neithercouriers were first introduced during the Search for Magiq after the #SearchForMagiq Instagram account disappeared. In the account's final post, they told the Mountaineers to seek the Neithercouriers to continue speaking with them. Baffled by the new and mysterious term, SpiritSeer sought out her last Low connection to seek more information. Her connection was able to find an advertisement on Neithercouriers.

The Advertisement Edit

Neithercourier Delivery Services

In these moderning ages when science assuages the craft of handwriting or drafting of sages, it seems rather tragic to send letters with magic, or caretaken parcels with magical marvels.

Don’t send cheques with a hex, or odes with a vex, rather craft an encanterance to make a bell chime, and ponder the wonder of what happens next.

A prompt and prim courier will deliver your messages, with delays of delivery that border on vestiges, from the tippest of peaks to the deepest rowhedgeses.

Whatever you need to besconder fast-paced, rely on our service to deliver post haste[4].

The Mountaineers crafted an encanterance by making a small phrase about ringing a bell to summon a courier[5]. The spell, however, was either a one-time use or was linked to the individual that first said it, as it did not work a second time[6]. After a new encanterance was crafted, a bell was rung and a Neithercourier appeared and took the message.

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