Orvin Wallace is a lawyer in New York City, New York, USA. Upon the death of Sullivan Green, Wallace contacted Green's daughter Deirdre Green to arrange a meeting to discuss Mr. Green's estate.

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Deirdre describes Wallace as a "sort of a cross between an adorable uncle and a completely creepy school teacher."[1]

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Through Deirdre's blog posts, we have learned that Wallace is at least 80 years old as he worked with Deirdre's grandfather Warner Green. He previously worked for Meredith Grey Ackerly's attorney and was around during the early days of Ackerly Green Publishing. Wallace later became the Green family's attorney and helped with Sullivan Green's transition into taking control of A&L Printing. Wallace continued to assist Green with the publishing company before it burned down in 1979. Shortly after this occurrence, Sullivan Green disappeared and Wallace kept track of Green's bank account, topping it up when it ran low. Wallace heard nothing from Green for nearly a decade, until he was contacted by a group who were seeking Mr. Green. Working with the group, Wallace found Green and acted as his ward and friend until Green's death in 2016. Upon Green's death, Wallace was given a letter that the police had found on Sullivan Green's body. The letter explained the existence of Green's daughter, Deirdre, and lead Wallace to Green's abandoned brownstone. [2] Wallace acted as Deirdre Green's lawyer and advised her on things, including the re-opening of Ackerly Green Publishing.

During Fragment Sixteen, Deirdre told recruits that she couldn't move on with her life after helping them find the final word, so she went to see Orvin Wallace[3]. She asked him all the questions she had about her father, on how he was able to time things so perfectly and succeed on such a risky plan[4]. Orvin listened quietly as she vented her frustrations[5], telling her afterwards that she had too much of her father's blood in her veins and she couldn't stop when the road had ended[6]. Suddenly, Deirdre noticed Orvin looking at a back wall bookshelf[7] and Deirdre cast a spell to reveal one last hidden journal from Sullivan[8]. Sullivan had told Orvin to burn it, but he couldn't bear to, saying it was the true ending to The Monarch Papers[9]. Sullivan never wanted her to see it, but Deirdre persisted.

Shocked by the revelation that her father had written in the journal, she looked down at her walking stick, which Orvin told her about - it was falling about because it was made of magiq that wasn't meant for the mundane world[10]. This made Deirdre realize that the stick wasn't meant there, and neither was she[11]. Deirdre told recruits that her new purpose was to find the Lost Collection[12] and also return the stick to its rightful owner[13].

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