Reader was a member of The Devoted who became a double agent during Fragment Four.

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Very little about Reader is known besides the fact she is female who joined The Devoted around 2006. Reader was a loyal follower of The Devoted's cause who became skeptical once she began to question their treatment of The Mountaineers. Although she does believe in the missing memories and Brandon Lachmann as a way to gain magical awareness, she feels that the Devoted have been infiltrated by another, more sinister group.

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Reader first appeared in Fragment Four after the second trial. Sending a mass private message to all Mountaineers, Reader reached out to let recruits know that the Devoted were purposely keeping materials from them and planning to betray them at the end[1]. Reader returned again to share a document the Devoted had hidden from recruits, noting she couldn't forward an email Sacha drafted because the Devoted had "a couple savvy IT people who watch everything"[2].

When recruits encountered at mission at The Cloisters, Reader met up with two recruits and provided them with a disk and some materials that were at the location[3]. At the last minute, being paranoid of a betrayal, Sacha ordered Reader to go along with a partner[4]. Believing Sacha still trusted her, Reader went ahead with the meeting, although she ended up being tailed by an operative from the Devoted, who took pictures of her betrayal. After the meeting at the Cloisters, Reader took better pictures using a stolen phone[5]

Once Reader realized the Devoted were aware of her status as a double agent, she escaped from the Devoted, stating she would "be under a rock, far away from here"[6]. Some time after the events of Fragment Four, Reader reached out to friends still within the Devoted, learning that the group had disbanded. She sent a message to Endri warning her that Sacha would most certainly never forget that the Mountaineers were responsible for her failure to connect with Brandon[7].

Phase Four Edit

During The Day of Change, Reader popped in briefly to show her support, saying "I know next to nothing about magic, but I’m here for moral support. Go team 33[8]."

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On October 16, 2016, Reader contacted several Mountaineers through private message on the Forum with the following note:

We used to be all about the missing memories and Brandon as the cure for breaking open this lie of a world. But I think there's another group that has spread through us like a virus. And I think I'm the only one who knows. They're using us to get to Brandon, to get to you... to get to the Book. Sacha doesn't see it. She's blind. She was our leader and now it feels like she's being led by someone else.

You have to keep The Timeline, it is important, aligning with Brandon is our best chance to reach him. I still believe that. But I think the Devoted are going to leave you with nothing at the last hour to take this for themselves. They're not telling you everything. At the park, under the bridge, there was a note with the coin that led them to a buried package That's where this latest trial came from. The audio from a cassette, and the mazes.

But they're not giving you all the information Brandon left behind. Why? Why would they only dole out help at the last minute if they really wanted all of us to make it to the end together? Because they're stringing you along, and planning to leave you stranded. They plan on connecting with Brandon by themselves. And now they want your Book of Briars too.

This isn't the family I joined ten years ago. I don't know what The Devoted are anymore. So I’m going to help you if I can, tell you everything I know, but you have to pretend on the forum like you discovered it on your own. Please. I've seen people disappear for less than this.

Here's what I know from notes I've seen: Begin at the animals. The frog is in the fountain, the mouse is on the mushroom, the lion's at the library.

I don’t know where the owl is (neither do they, but they're close) but they know it's hidden unlike the others and they know it has something to do with knowledge.

Please keep me safe and I'll do what I can to help you beat them. I wanted to reach Brandon, that's why we all signed on, but I don't think Sacha is going to let us. So now I just want out. I'll send more if I find more.

I have to go. For now. We can beat them together. [9]

Throughout the Mountaineer's unraveling of the puzzle that was Fragment Four, the Reader made contact a few times to share information that she had garnered from The Devoted or Sacha.

October 22, 2016:

I went to see Sacha this morning and had a couple minutes alone with a Brandon document that they kept from you. It was with the rest of the stuff under the bridge. They're planning to send you the information once you solve the four mazes. I can't forward the email that she drafted because they have a couple savvy IT people who watch everything. So I wrote down what I could on my phone.

Lady - Pontault, 1126

Saint - Lleida, 1330

Angel - Tours, 1175

Kings - Reugny, 1150

There was a phone number too but it was handwritten. I don't know if Brandon did it or Sacha. 347-815-0330

Hopefully this gives you a leg up. I think they're close though. They found the owl. They know that the endpoints plus these details lead to a location. Probably where the next disc is.

I never thought I'd call the Devoted "they" instead of "we."[10]

Sorry I didn't email sooner. I can't use my phone for this so I have to use library computers. They figured out it's the Cloisters and it has something to do with The Seven Tributes, but they won't make it to the museum before it closes today.

But they will be there tomorrow.

I know because Sacha is sending me.

I should get there by noon. I'll have to give them the disc, no question, but if you send someone from the Mountaineers I can show them the number before I leave to take it back to them. It's not much of a headstart but it's something. I wish I could just email you from inside but I can't run the risk of them reading my messages. And waiting until I can get to a safe line (which could be hours) is putting them ahead of you again.

She still trusts me. I don't know what would happen if she stopped now that someone else has her ear. Sorry, but this is how it has to be.

I can wait half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, but then they're going to get suspicious if I don't come out with the disc and whatever might be with it.

Noon tomorrow. The Cloisters. I'll send more info if and when I can. [11]

October 23, 2016:

Sacha's suspicious. Maybe of me. Maybe of everybody. She said from now on everybody goes to ground in twos.

So I have a partner today. We have to be very careful. They could have a third watching us for all I know.

One of us will take whatever materials we find back to her, the other will stay behind and hide the disc. Yeah. Sacha wants us to hide the disc. She still thinks you're lagging behind.

I will volunteer to stay back but I'll try my damndest to get a look at the materials before my partner takes them. Otherwise we're behind them again. I know how important this is. I won't let you down.

Will send details in encoded private messages to the forum once I'm in. Once I know you're there too. Keep a look out for them. See you at noon. [12]

Reader then appeared in the livestream at The Cloisters and provided the Mountaineers with materials that The Devoted had already found in the museum.

The Cloisters Mission

The Cloisters Mission

After the meeting at the Cloisters, Reader posted the following message and picture as there was an issue with some of the images taken by the Mountaineers at the museum.
Not my finest moment... I just stole a guy's phone on the 1. Will upload this message and pic from burner when I get to 14th Street station, where there's solid wifi. Then ditching phone.

Good luck Mountaineers. I hope I helped. Beat her to the end, okay? [13]

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The final message the Mountaineers received from Reader was on October 27, 2016:

I should’ve known she had people watching me. Watching all of us. So we’re screwed, basically. I haven’t slept in almost 48 hours as it is, but then I hear from a friend inside… Sacha figured out the clock riddles. She found the phones.

They didn’t work. The numbers just rang. No message. No recording. No Brandon.

So who do you think she blames for that? Me. And all of you.

The good news is she can’t jump ahead of you because Brandon either picked whoever solved it first or he just picked The Mountaineers. The bad news is she’s probably going to try and catch up to you in less ethical ways. You have to understand, she’s been on this hunt for thirty years. And you just cut in line. She is relentless in her search for him.

Whatever happens on the 29th, we can count on her not being far behind you. Good luck. Find Brandon. I'll be under a rock, far away from here. And her. [14]

Please note: the messages and conversations with Reader would later become public, as they were essential to Fragment Four, and can be found here, here, and here on the Forum

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