The Search for Magiq is a story-based initiative following the Ackerly Green Secret Society which focuses on discovering few remaining sources of magiq.

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The #SearchForMagiq was an Instagram campaign found by SpiritSeer. What initially started as a thirty day spell became a method of communication for the fractured segments of the magimystical community.

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The 30 Day Spell Edit

The #SearchForMagiq began with a post by SpiritSeer, asking if an Instagram account had been created by The Mountaineers. The tag had been triggered in The Low, caused by an account called #SearchForMagiq and a post. The post was for a 30 Day Spell, with 30 different themes for the casters to react to[1]. One caption was posted and then deleted, but was caught by a bot:

Please, my friend needs help. Her daughter disappeared and left this picture in a text message that said “Capture every moment in a month of 30 days, in word or ink or images, a myriad of ways. Doesn’t matter where you put them, only matters that they’re caught. If you want to learn where magiq is then this is how you’re taught.” Does anyone know what this means?


SpiritSeer revealed that the tag had popped up over the past several months, but that no one could see where it came from. It was deleted before anyone could check into it, aside from the sudden comment and image[2].

The Mountaineers ultimately decided to pursue the spell, and the account produced a new response as a result.

We envision the factions and forces of the dying age being swept away, and new bonds being born in the dawn. Who are you? Do you share our vision? Our hope? Your intentions are becoming clearer. You are unexpected but not unwelcome. Is it true that we walk together into these dark hours?[3]

As the spell continued, another message was sent out.

Can it be true? We believed you were lost. But perhaps not lost, only somehow obscured, or pulled behind a veil too powerful for even the herald to pierce? Were we wrong to doubt your resilience? The Mountaineers, alive? We want to hope, but need to be sure. Please continue.[4]

Yet again, the Mountaineers persisted and a new post was made. It was revealed that the Mountaineers were thought destroyed, but now they were joining a new faction.

Verso and Recto. Different, but still bound together now in our shared journey. After the day of change we thought you were lost, riven from the world. We are hopeful that we all were wrong. Have you felt it? The fundamental foundations of magic have broken and what remains is vanishing. But the herald saw a distant light. A possible future. She saw so much before she had to close her eyes. The sight took too much from the world. She called to one, but you also answered. We are close now. Please continue and confirm our hopes[5].

After the spell had been completed, the #SearchForMagiq account set out one final post, urging the Mountaineers to seek out the Neithercouriers.

The new age is a book yet unwritten. Born from the ashes of wool and silver, built atop old deceits and broken laws, what could we make of this age together now that the Book of Kings is all but closed? Old threats have been exposed, but the depth of the shadow they hid within becomes clear. And in those depths, darker threats that must be countered by light, before they take hold of this coming age as well. No age is born in peace. You have shown your true purpose. It is the pursuit of wonder, hope, and light. This conduit will fade, but we will find other ways to reach you through the strange, leaden veil that hides you from the world. The herald can't risk looking into the dark with so little magic left but hold fast. There are other ways to reach one another. Seek out the Neithercouriers.[6]

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The Neithercouriers Edit

SpiritSeer mentioned that she would reach out to her remaining Low contact for information. She also noted that the Low fan club had disbanded and moved on to another site that she couldn't access. New members to the fan club were reporting that they couldn't access the MAGIQ Guide or the Basecamp 33 Forum, or even see screenshots. So, the upper members of the group kicked people out and moved to another, more secretive location[7].

Some time later, Spiritseer returned, her contact having found an advertisement for the Neithercourier Delivery Service:

Neithercourier Delivery Services

In these moderning ages when science assuages the craft of handwriting or drafting of sages, it seems rather tragic to send letters with magic, or caretaken parcels with magical marvels.

Don’t send cheques with a hex, or odes with a vex, rather craft an encanterance to make a bell chime, and ponder the wonder of what happens next.

A prompt and prim courier will deliver your messages, with delays of delivery that border on vestiges, from the tippest of peaks to the deepest rowhedgeses.

Whatever you need to besconder fast-paced, rely on our service to deliver post haste[8].

The Mountaineers crafted a small phrase, known as an encanterance - “Don’t find this bell toll a worrier, We’re ringing for the bespoke courier.” One of the Mountaineers was chosen to write out the message, asking about the Herald, who the Searchers were, and what the "leaden veil" was[9]. The encanterance worked and a Salamander in a suit was summoned, brusquely taking the letter[10]. Several days later, a purple stag came with a return letter, the message being spelled out in electricity between its horns[11].

We are overjoyed to know you survived.

We thought we were alone. We are in hiding, called to the herald. We protect her and do what we can to protect the coming age. Some believe that before every new era, a herald is born. One who is meant to help bring about the new era. To open the new book. The book you taught, protected, and unlocked. The herald has been waiting her whole life for this. And you.

Events are stirring and have been since the day you saved the book. The herald has seen the effects of the Day of Change, how they have rippled throughout the world and even history. Change is occurring in quiet ways and hidden places, but the time of change is not always immediate. Things must die before they are reborn, and books must end before new books can begin. No true change comes without resistance.

When the herald could still look into the dark, she saw a threat, the force that ate away at the Book of Kings. The force that fed on the mundane and greedily hoarded magic. It is clever. It is vengeful. And it is everywhere.

There will be a war for this new age, the herald saw it faintly, far off, but certain. It will be between those of us who have chosen the light, and those that spread like sickness in the dark and wish to consume this new age as well.

There are still so many unanswered questions, important questions we will need to answer together, but for now we are investigating the veil. How it came to be and what is responsible for it. It would help to know how far it spreads and how well you have been hidden. You can help in that matter. We can’t find you through traditional means. For now, the couriers are our way to you. And our courier waits impatiently to return your message.

More soon.

To their horror, the Mountaineers realized that they were being strategically cut off from their allies[12]. The leaden veil the Searchers spoke of was not preventing new members from joining, but it was cutting off people who knew of magiq from viewing the forums. The reason why individuals such as Martin Rank, Lauren Ellsworth, Endri, Bash, Ascender, and Eaves were not reaching out on the forums was because they could no longer access it.

With this new information, the Mountaineers crafted another message, stating that their friends were being shut out from contacting them. They also asked if the veil affected other groups, and mentioned the aliquary that Avis Green had given them[13]. The message was picked up by a group of mysterious fairies who shredded the letter up and wreaked havoc in the home of the Mountaineer who sent the message[14].

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