SpiritSeer is a former member of The Low and head of the Mountaineer Fan Club.

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SpiritSeer appears somewhat shy, but also very passionate about magiq and the Mountaineers. As a former leader of The Low's Mountaineer fan club, she was excited and grateful to be taken in by the Mountaineers.

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The Mountaineers first learned of SpiritSeer's existence during the Secret Society's attempt to solve a set of clues left by the spirit known as "Woolie". On April 18, 2018, Martin Rank posted a transcript of a chatroom conversation held by the Low's Mountaineer fan club, emailed to him by a source. SpiritSeer defended the Mountaineers against other members who were "calling fake" on the events of The Monarch Papers and the Secret Society, and posted a theory about the disappearance of a clue pointing to the Vashon Island Bike Tree.

Almost one year later, on March 7, 2019, SpiritSeer posted in another Secret Society thread on the AG Forum, explaining that she had reached out to a Mountaineer in an attempt to help solve the remaining clues, and had been booted from The Low as a result. She provided the Secret Society members with the information to cast the "Living Spirit" spell, allowing them to astral project through dreams to physical locations of clues that were inaccessible to the Society's active members.

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