The Myth of Elainnor is a book that was written by Fletcher Dawson. It was read by Deirdre Green as a child in Neithernor.

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According to the librarians at The Lost Athenaeum, Galifanx, Gladitor, Durkonos, and Aorthora are objects in the book. They’re names of a shield, sword, helmet, and armor, respectively. Little is known about the plot of the Myth of Elainnor, aside from the fact that Elainnor, the titular character, had to gather the five objects from the book to save the woman she loved.

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The Myth of Elainnor was first mentioned in the Phase Three assessment. Recruits went to the Lost Aethenaeum for hints on how to enter the Fletcher Dawson website and, in providing information on the landmarks that connected to the constellations, there was mention to the origin of the constellations[1].

In "The Vault," Deirdre was in Neithernor when she recalled that she had been read The Myth of Elainnor by Sullivan when she was a child. She described the book as her soul's providence and was able to find it within the thousands of books within the vault using magiq. Later, in "The Six Books," the Myth of Elainnor was one of the five books Deirdre used in her spell to find The Little Red House.

On The Day of Change, Deirdre used the Myth of Elainnor to protect herself from the Storm, creating translucent versions of Elainnor's armor and weapons to strike down the Storm.

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