The Ramble is a recurring key location in the Magiq-verse.

Description Edit

The Ramble is a 36 acre "wild garden" within Central Park, created with the intention of giving citizens a natural area to escape the city. The Ramble is one of the first parts of Central Park to be built, and it is almost entirely artificial. It holds over 230 species of birds.

History Edit

The Ramble appears to be a place of great magimystical significance. In the latter years of his life, Sullivan Green was drawn to this place and spent his last days wandering the park[1]. After his death, Sullivan requested that his ashes be scattered in the Ramble, a request that was fulfilled by his daughter, Deirdre Green [2].

In Phase Two, Lauren Ellsworth was also drawn to the Ramble. Frustrated by her inability to unlock new pages in Sullivan Green's journal, she wandered outside. She soon found herself drawn to The Ramble, feeling possessed, where she ultimately buried the journal in the freezing weather. The result was newly unlocked pages and Lauren proving herself to The Cagliostro[3].

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