The Translation was a spell performed by The Cagliostro that led to his death on his January 31st performance.

Description Edit

The Translation is a magiqal spell used to summon a god. It involves a tetrahedron composed of multiple pieces and an incantation. When the tetrahedron is successfully assembled and the incantation is spoken in the correct cadence, the tetrahedron will open into a sacrificial spire[1]. The Translation was powerful enough to kill an immortal, nearly invincible being of magical strength.

The Incantation Edit

Mythelismus crack the bone

When trembling flesh sings tender tone

For Kemetide brings waves of thunder

Lightning to rip hearts asunder

By Orid’s eye begins our rending

Brave, and bold, our bodies bending

Now Ra-el bleeds horned souls start breaching

With tooth and claw through veil they’re reaching

And so unburied, unbound, blind

We bring forth the beasts combined.

History Edit

The Translation was a spell that The Cagliostro had been gathering the parts of for centuries. He had foreseen that his true successor would help him open it and end his life[2].

The Cagliostro attempted many times to unlock the truth of The Translation, which he recorded and sent to his apprentice, Lauren Ellsworth, to help solve its mysteries. In the series of attempts, The Cagliostro grows increasingly frustrated as he is unable to successfully perform the incantation.

Before his final performance, The Cagliostro had coaxed elements of the spell into the material realm for his performances - chilled breezes, creaking boards, and haunted voices. However, it wasn't until Lauren used her power of telemancy to realize that the spell required a melody that he was able to unlock its true potential[3].

The Cagliostro's Recordings Edit

The following are The Cagliostro's failed attempts at unlocking The Translation's full potential:

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