The Wolf and the Wild is a book by Ackerly-Green Publishing.

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The Wolf and the Wild was an incredibly dark, adult-oriented suspense/thriller novel published by Ackerly-Green. According to Deirdre Green, The Wolf and the Wild starts with " a man with a (so far) mysterious past who’s preparing for a terrible winter in Canada a thousand miles from civilization. He settles into his cabin surrounded by ice and snow and nothing else… and then there’s a knock at the door[1]." In Cole Sumner's blog post "Not a Writer," he describes the book as "four words. Murder. Bear Traps. Cannibalism."

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The Wolf and the Wild was one of the first books recovered by Deirdre Green, who was able to find a seller in Hong Kong with a copy[2]. When the book finally arrived in "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?", it included a note from "LT" with the final line of The Minnying of Ojorad.

In 'The Big Idea and the Real Reality", a paper fell from The Wolf and the Wild which was used to solve Fragment Five.

The Wolf and the Wild was the book that connected Deirdre with Cole Sumner, whose father had owned a copy when he was a child. After Cole made a blog post about the book, Deirdre was able to find his post via Google Alerts, allowing the two to meet[3].

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