Through the Night is a book by Ackerly-Green Publishing.

Description Edit

According to Deirdre Green, Through the Night is "… about a man, a sleepwalker, who’s looking for his missing son in New York City[1]." The story follows a husband who is trying to grieve the death of his son, but at night he goes sleepwalking and acts like another person. He searches for the people he blames for his son's supposed death. The story is described by Deirdre as "very much a modern update on Jekyll and Hyde – well modern for 1960" [2].

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Through the Night was the book left to Deirdre Green by her father, Sullivan Green, in "All That Remains"[3]. In "Bags, Grey Dogs, and Limbo," Deirdre stated that she is hooked on the novel, finding it to be an exciting thriller novel. She felt pride knowing that her father had published the book.

In "Up all night and down the rabbit hole," Deirdre described Through the Night as "more horse, less fish" and suspected that Meredith Grey Ackerly may have been the driving force behind the titles that were published by Ackerly Green.

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