The Traveler's Disk was a wooden disk distributed during Fragment Four. The numbers on the side of the disk were used by The Devoted as names for the directories they added to The Forest of Darkening Glass website.

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The Traveler's Disk is a wooden disk. On one side of the disk is the Chronocompass, the other holds a series of numbers.

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The Traveler's Disks were important clues during Fragment Four. The first disk was found by Cole Sumner at the Triplet's Bridge after the end of the first trial[1]. Two distinct set of numbers appeared on the disk during the livestream, though Cole swore he only saw one line[2]. Both sets of numbers lead to two different databases on the Forest of Darkening Glass website.

After following the clues from the Seven Tributes of Rochefoucauld, recruits were given a second disk at The Cloisters by Reader[3]. The number was found to be the ISBN for a book on architecture[4] - AIA Guide to New York City.

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