The Walking Stick is a magimystical object owned by Deirdre Green.

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The walking stick was previously owned by Sullivan Green and was passed down to Deirdre along with his journals and Chronocompass. The walking stick is a conduit for magiq. The more a magiqian travels, the more stories they make, the more they experience in places rich with magiq, the more it gathers. It’s useful for quickly conjuring, and most skilled magimystics find their “true stick” at some point in their lives[1]. The stick, not being intended for the mundane world, will splinter and break the more it is used.

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In "My Mother's Daughter," Deirdre first entered Neithernor. Knocking on the brownstone's door had led her to a broom closet in a warren, which she realized was thick with magiq. She received in a note from her father in his journal, where he told her to explore Neithernor and to take his walking stick with her, which he had placed near the warren's bed. When Deirdre performed magiq using the stick in "The Storm - Part Three," the stress caused the stick to gain a crack in its middle, which she noticed when she returned to the brownstone[2].

In "Mr. Wideawake," Mr. Wideawake carried a walking stick of his own. The stick was like Deirdre's father’s, but made of paler wood. Gold light leaked out from the cracks in it.

After the Book of Briars was opening in Fragment Sixteen, it was the catalyst for Deirdre deciding where she wanted to go next in her journeys. Like the stick, she believed that she belonged in Neithernor[3].

During the Secret Society, after Saberlane visited Neithernor, he revealed that he had gained a walking stick of his own. After freeing the spirit of Woolie, he found the stick in the tower and felt called to take it with him[4].

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